Hungry Kids Can't Learn

Hungry Kids Can't Learn

Hungry Kids Can't Learn

At Play Springs we support Growth through Play.  We also support hunger programs.  It’s a simple fact that a hungry child cannot focus on learning. 

In Texas, 23.8% of our families are food insecure.  That means about a quarter of the families have limited or uncertain food availability.   It is likely there are times when there is nothing to eat in the house.  It could also mean there are times when food is very limited or unhealthy foods are the only option to have something to eat.

Households with children are twice as likely to be food insecure.  Those children are at risk of arriving at school without having eaten since yesterday’s school lunch.  

Learning is suffering.  Hungry kids can’t learn. 

It also means those children face the long- term impact of hunger and insufficient nutrition.

Growth and development are impacted.   

We all look for some short answers on how we can help.  Everyday steps include helping stock a local pantry or providing healthy snacks to a classroom stash. Keep supporting our SNAP and WIC programs that provide vital services to our children.

These make a big difference.  Texas is behind the curve.  As individuals we can help keep our kids fed and learning. 


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