SNAP and Our Kids

SNAP and Our Kids

SNAP and Our Kids

There has been quite a bit of discussion around the cuts to the food stamp program at the end of 2020.  At least in this round, households with children were not included in the cuts.

 This is very important as nearly half of the participants receiving SNAP benefits are children!  In 2018, over 20 million children received the SNAP benefit, a representation of how critical this benefit is to keep our children with basic food supplies. 

SNAP makes a big difference beyond a meal.  Research from the Bureau of Economic Advisors found that kids from low-income families who had early access to SNAP benefits were 18% were more likely to graduate from high school than those who did not.

Think about what happens to that youth with a high school diploma compared to one without.  The payback for a helping that family have enough to eat is very real.  We are believers that simply making sure a child arrives at school ready to learn is a great investment!

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