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Play Springs Toys is part of a holding company called Kewee Missions, dedicated to supporting hunger programs. I’m Kewee, and it’s my mission to feed kids. The reason is simple. I don’t want any parent to have to tell a child “there’s nothing to eat tonight”.

Play Springs is the descriptive name of a company built to help children learn through play. Follow our articles and we cite research that keeps proving that learning is occurring during play. We all know it to be true. Watch a four- year old playing restaurant who draws a menu with brightly colored dishes, writes an order and then counts change. Interrelated learning in multiple categories. And it’s fun!

Buying the company was a second career, born out of the passion to support the hunger mission. The previous corporate life was in HR/Training, both in the US and the EU. I’ve worked in start-ups and for the big guys. The common thread in the roles is a love of learning. I’m a certified brain dweeb. Lots of reading, studying. How do we learn? From the time we are born, how we keep learning as an adult. Sometimes that was coaching an emerging leader. Sometimes it’s helping a four -year old discover a new world that will become their profession and lifelong joy.

I was drawn to this company for a couple of reasons. First, I simply love the products. My sons grew up with bright costumes and role play, and I truly believe if kids can see it and play it, they can become it. We loved the multicultural products that let kids play with products that looked like them. Second, the lines had grown stale and had huge potential if they were updated. So we got to work and created role play for this generation.

We’re proud of the quality products that have been developed. They are designed by our wonderful artist, Kerian Massey, and win both industry awards and kid love. You’ll see the designations for Good Toy guide, Creative Child awards and more. Our focus groups and photo shoots are noisy and wonderful.

Welcome to the world of Play Springs. Look around a bit. You’ll discover fun, quality products that inspire play and promote learning. Feeding minds. Fighting hunger. Kewee Missions was founded to provide steady revenue to Word in Action, a food ministry in the founder’s hometown. A portion of Kewee’s profits goes to providing hot meals, pantry services and critical resources for families in need.

Kewee Missions, Inc is a certified WOMAN OWNED SMALL BUSINESS